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Bible Statistics – The Words Edition

If you’re busy, don’t bother reading all this tl;dr; junk and skip right to the more interesting bits. UPDATE 2/19/2013 – I made a few mistakes in the original version of this article. I had missed a few of the Psalms, so the total number count and the count for Psalms was incorrect. These have […]

More Bible Statistics

OK, so for my own curiosity, I did a little more looking and I have some more stats about the Bible. Please see my previous post on the topic for the introductory statistics. Today I want to answer the question “what’s harder?” Let’s start simple. Remember that this is a comparison of the number of […]

The Bible in Statistics

Updated 2/19/2013 because there were a few mistakes in the verse counts. So I work with databases. iMinistries is really a big database with an engine that reads from and writes to that database. Under the hood, every page, every form, every form field and every comment on a blog is a row in the […]