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To Engage or Not to Engage

So, here’s my situation. I have an HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. I love it, but I moved to it from a Motorola Droid X. Why? 4G. What I didn’t realize is that the Thunderbolt hadn’t moved to Gingerbread (the latest released Android OS) even though the X already had. I liked a couple of the […]

Why Google+ Might Just Win

Why You Shouldn’t Switch to Google+ Reason 1: Convenience – You and everyone you know is on Facebook already. You have a nice little Twitter following. You know how to get around. That’s legitimate. Will everyone eventually move to Google+? That’s hard to predict. Reason 2: Maturity – Facebook has been at the Social Media […]

The Battle for davemccall

I like to be me. I’m Dave McCall and I like to be known as such. That’s what I want people to call me. Throughout the internet I make no exception. I reject anonymity, even my own. I see people all over the internet behave terribly because they are anonymous–in posts and comments hiding behind their […]

I’ll Take My Tweeting Warts and All

Gilbert Gottfried was fired today from his contract with Aflac. Why? Because he posted some “offensive” (and let’s face it, not funny) tweets on Twitter about Japan. Setting aside the obvious question which is “what did Aflac expect from Gottfried, who has made a career on a terrible voice and surprisingly unfunny and tasteless jokes. […]