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Slidebox jQuery Plug-in

I couldn’t find another jQuery plug-in that does this same thing. This is a plug-in that displays a box with two panels: the main panel and one that slides over the top of it. As with my other jQuery plug-ins, the goal was to provide a way to do this with minimal JavaScript. The user […]

Why I Moved from PrototypeJS/Scriptaculous to jQuery

A History Lesson In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m the author of the iMinistries Church Website Content Management System (CMS), a web site CMS specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of churches and ministries. Our product is over 7 years old. It has taken several twists and turns along the way, thanks mostly […]

Making jQuery Plugins Even More Designer-Friendly

The designers that I work with are great web designers. They make things look great. They are good at picking fonts, laying out elements, designing interactions. They aren’t great JavaScript developers and frankly I don’t want them to be. In the web middle ground called user interface sometimes the designer wants more interactivity than HTML […]

jQuery Resize Image Plug-in

Created this plug-in to automatically resize an image based on a maximum width and height. It will scale the image to the correct proportions. In my application, I used Paul Irish’s imagesLoaded plug in with this to make sure the images were fully loaded before I resized them. Feel free to use this yourself as […]

Simple jQuery Accordion

I was looking for a super simple accordion plug in that had the following attributes: Had simple HTML markup Did not require a big, extensive stylesheet and images Could be created simply by markup Didn’t find it right away so I created one myself. It is really simple, but it does everything I needed it […]

Extending jQueryUI Plugins (jQueryUI Progressbar Animation)

I don’t have time to write a full-on blog post about this, but I couldn’t find any documentation on this anywhere. Basically, I didn’t want to re-write the jQueryUI ProgressBar plugin. I just wanted to change a little thing about the way it rendered. I basically wanted to override the functionality when it ran _renderValue. […]