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Ice Cream Sandwich, FTW

or An Imaginary Conversation Between a new Galaxy Nexus Owner and an Apple Fanboy Me: I gotta’ say, I think my Galaxy Nexus has caught up with the iPhone everywhere Android was lagging. Fanboy: The fact that you have to compare it to the iPhone is telling in and of itself. Me: Don’t be like […]

Why I’m Switching from the iPad to the Xoom

So, I love my iPad. I really do. I wasn’t sure I would, but it is a great device. People who don’t have one don’t usually understand why, so let me give you the real reasons why. Instant On – When you want to do something, you push the button and you’re on. What do […]

I’m an (equal opportunity) Fanboy

For us tech geeks, it feels like everybody has chosen camps–and these days there are so many. Here are some of the big ones: Mac vs. PC Linux vs. Windows vs. OSX iOS vs. Android Open Source vs. Commercial Software Chrome vs. Firefox Hate Microsoft vs. Love Microsoft Trust Google vs. Fear Google Xbox vs. […]