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Ice Cream Sandwich, FTW

or An Imaginary Conversation Between a new Galaxy Nexus Owner and an Apple Fanboy Me: I gotta’ say, I think my Galaxy Nexus has caught up with the iPhone everywhere Android was lagging. Fanboy: The fact that you have to compare it to the iPhone is telling in and of itself. Me: Don’t be like […]

Why I’m Switching from the iPad to the Xoom

So, I love my iPad. I really do. I wasn’t sure I would, but it is a great device. People who don’t have one don’t usually understand why, so let me give you the real reasons why. Instant On – When you want to do something, you push the button and you’re on. What do […]

My Thoughts on the Droid X vs. HTC Evo 4G

Why the Change? Actually, I’m not really changing. My employer pays for us to have Verizon service. I bought a Droid X shortly after it was released and put it on the company plan. I guess the company is trying to decide whether to move to Sprint and so they shipped out demo phones to […]