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A Bible Study Companion

Sometimes an idea consumes me for a little while. Sometimes it goes for years. Sometimes it takes me years to string together enough interest to finish. This is one of those projects that took years. I have created a simple tool for Bible reading/study.     The Bible Reading Checklist   Here’s what it does: […]

New Years’ Resolutions

This year I made a handful of resolutions. I made mine in February. I have a few guidelines I follow when I make mine: Make sure they are realistic. Nothing defeats more than setting goals you know you won’t reach. Make sure they are something you really want. So often I find myself making resolutions […]

My 40 Favorite Albums of All Time

Recently I went to see Matthew Sweet in concert. He was celebrating the 20th anniversary of Girlfriend by playing the album in its entirety live. It was great to hear one of my favorite albums played in the order I’m used to by the artist live. Afterwards I reveled at just how much I love […]

Indelible Impressions

Some time ago I watched the Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right Revisited Video on Hulu. It is strange, but incredible just how many stars they roped in to join them. [Side note: the fact that Susan Sarandon would be willing to make an appearance makes me hate her slightly less.] Well today I finally […]

The Moleskine and Me

Today I did something ridiculous. I downloaded the Moleskine App for my iPad. For the uninitiated, Moleskine makes little journals and tells you all about how they were used by some famous authors or artists. Now, I’m a computer professional who loves gadgets. When I don’t have some kind of gadget with me, I feel […]

What’s In My Bag?

I love on sites like LifeHacker where someone will open up their work bag and show you what’s inside. I’m not sure what voyeuristic nerve inside me that hits, but it hits one. I’m curious to know if there’s some small thing that makes someone’s life easier and I want that too. For quid pro […]

The Battle for davemccall

I like to be me. I’m Dave McCall and I like to be known as such. That’s what I want people to call me. Throughout the internet I make no exception. I reject anonymity, even my own. I see people all over the internet behave terribly because they are anonymous–in posts and comments hiding behind their […]

The Top 150 Songs of All Time

So the original goal was to figure out what my favorite songs were. I had read an older Rolling Stones magazine article that was about the 500 greatest songs of all time. I disagreed a bit, but didn’t have my own list. (My disagreement was mostly around how much credit they give to Bob Dylan, […]