Monthly Archives: October 2011

Fonzi Smack…it’s back

So, those of us born before 1982 will remember a specific move Fonzi would use to get the jukebox working, the Fonzi smack. You can see it at the end of this (awesome) video. Now, the Fonzi smack wasn’t just for the Fonz. It was a real move that a lot of us used, not […]

To Engage or Not to Engage

So, here’s my situation. I have an HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon. I love it, but I moved to it from a Motorola Droid X. Why? 4G. What I didn’t realize is that the Thunderbolt hadn’t moved to Gingerbread (the latest released Android OS) even though the X already had. I liked a couple of the […]

The 12 Rules of Entrepreneurship That No One Else Talks About

I recently starting using StumbleUpon. If you’re not familiar with the service, it asks you what you’re interested in and then uses some super secret (random) method to connect you to sites in your interests. When you’re bored of a certain site, simply stumble to a new one. I marked one of my interests as […]

Slidebox jQuery Plug-in

I couldn’t find another jQuery plug-in that does this same thing. This is a plug-in that displays a box with two panels: the main panel and one that slides over the top of it. As with my other jQuery plug-ins, the goal was to provide a way to do this with minimal JavaScript. The user […]

Why I Moved from PrototypeJS/Scriptaculous to jQuery

A History Lesson In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m the author of the iMinistries Church Website Content Management System (CMS), a web site CMS specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of churches and ministries. Our product is over 7 years old. It has taken several twists and turns along the way, thanks mostly […]

My 40 Favorite Albums of All Time

Recently I went to see Matthew Sweet in concert. He was celebrating the 20th anniversary of Girlfriend by playing the album in its entirety live. It was great to hear one of my favorite albums played in the order I’m used to by the artist live. Afterwards I reveled at just how much I love […]

Making jQuery Plugins Even More Designer-Friendly

The designers that I work with are great web designers. They make things look great. They are good at picking fonts, laying out elements, designing interactions. They aren’t great JavaScript developers and frankly I don’t want them to be. In the web middle ground called user interface sometimes the designer wants more interactivity than HTML […]

Software Development Principles

Reading all of these made me feel better about my job. These aren’t my own inventions, but I think every Software Development Manager should know these. Anecdotally, I’d like to affirm the lot. My favorite two of all that I’ve read are Brooks’ Law and the 1/6 Rule. Brooks’s Law – Adding manpower to a […]

How I’d Fix…Windows Media Center

Hidden back in the corner of your copy of Windows 7 (or Vista) is a copy of a powerful application called Windows Media Center. It turns your computer into a great DVR, jukebox, movie library, photo gallery, etc. It doesn’t take much to get it working, except as a DVR. To do that, you need […]