Javascript Extensions I Can’t Live Without

I have a number of JavaScript and jQuery extensions that I can’t live without. I’ve put them all into a file that I pretty much use on every project I do these days. Hopefully the commenting makes clear what each one does.

UPDATE 5/20/2014: I used to keep these all in one file. Today, I have them all separated out and let my CMS combine and minify them all.

Here’s a menu of the Javascript/jQuery extensions I use often:

  • jquery.coalese – finds the first non-null value.
  • jquery.highlight – blinks an item to let the user know where something has happened. Great for right after something is updated.
  • jquery.identify – finds the id of an element or assigns one if it doesn’t already have one.
  • string.extensions – includes a titleCase, padLeft and padRight method for the String object.

Some other jQuery plug-ins that have come in handy:

So, what do you think ?