Monthly Archives: September 2011

jQuery Resize Image Plug-in

Created this plug-in to automatically resize an image based on a maximum width and height. It will scale the image to the correct proportions. In my application, I used Paul Irish’s imagesLoaded plug in with this to make sure the images were fully loaded before I resized them. Feel free to use this yourself as […]

In a battle between CSS top and bottom, who wins?

I did a few searches to find the answer to this question, “If CSS top and bottom properties are both specified, which one wins?” Since I couldn’t find the answer, I ran the simple test. But, just in case someone else runs the same search, here’s the answer: top wins! Here’s the proof. The following […]

Simple jQuery Accordion

I was looking for a super simple accordion plug in that had the following attributes: Had simple HTML markup Did not require a big, extensive stylesheet and images Could be created simply by markup Didn’t find it right away so I created one myself. It is really simple, but it does everything I needed it […]

How I’d Fix…Spotify

So, I love Spotify so far, but it lacks a handful of features that would make it the one music service to rule them all. What I Love I learned a long time ago, that before you say bad thing about someone you should say some good things. So here are the things I love: […]