Who Should Be More Afraid of Google+: Twitter or Facebook?

  • Circles might drive people to Google+.
  • Currently what I like about G+ is how tidy it is, with not too much in my stream. But that is likely to change as people come on board.
  • I think people will like the “openness”. For example, when you share images on G+, you’re really sharing them on Picasa. Seems like a small difference, but that does afford me the opportunity to share the album elsewhere as well. On Facebook, when you put something there, people pretty much have to go to Facebook to see it. I’m sure over time, the differences in philosophy will generate a lot more of those.
  • Let’s face it, 140 characters was novel for a while. Mostly lately I find it annoying.
  • Threaded conversations are far superior to trying to piece together the conversations from RTs and @s.
In the end I suspect that Google+, with its new way of sharing that incorporates the styles of both Facebook and Twitter, will be more of a threat to Twitter. This is compounded by the fact that I can’t imagine a good way for Twitter to monetize their phenomenon. If G+ pulls their users, that’s going to be make it even harder.
The Velvet Rope
There’s one last factor worthy of note. How much does the invite-only aspect of Google+ compel us to love it?

So, what do you think ?