Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Bible in Statistics

Updated 2/19/2013 because there were a few mistakes in the verse counts. So I work with databases. iMinistries is really a big database with an engine that reads from and writes to that database. Under the hood, every page, every form, every form field and every comment on a blog is a row in the […]

Thinking about Hell

Our church has a tradition. Every Easter we cheer, like our team just won the championship, loud and long. I love that tradition. It isn’t a bad analogy, really, except that it is kind of weak. Jesus defeated death. Death is way more of a rival to us than the Green Bay Packers have ever […]

The Moleskine and Me

Today I did something ridiculous. I downloaded the Moleskine App for my iPad. For the uninitiated, Moleskine makes little journals and tells you all about how they were used by some famous authors or artists. Now, I’m a computer professional who loves gadgets. When I don’t have some kind of gadget with me, I feel […]