Monthly Archives: March 2011

What’s In My Bag?

I love on sites like LifeHacker where someone will open up their work bag and show you what’s inside. I’m not sure what voyeuristic nerve inside me that hits, but it hits one. I’m curious to know if there’s some small thing that makes someone’s life easier and I want that too. For quid pro […]

Dynamic DNS Made Easy Updater

File this one under “Geeky Stuff I Create for Myself that Maybe Someone Else Might Want”. I spent a couple of hours over an evening creating a small windows application that will update DNS Made Easy with my current dynamic IP address. Why? Really so that I can access my home PC even if my […]

The Battle for davemccall

I like to be me. I’m Dave McCall and I like to be known as such. That’s what I want people to call me. Throughout the internet I make no exception. I reject anonymity, even my own. I see people all over the internet behave terribly because they are anonymous–in posts and comments hiding behind their […]

Why I’m Switching from the iPad to the Xoom

So, I love my iPad. I really do. I wasn’t sure I would, but it is a great device. People who don’t have one don’t usually understand why, so let me give you the real reasons why. Instant On – When you want to do something, you push the button and you’re on. What do […]

I’m an (equal opportunity) Fanboy

For us tech geeks, it feels like everybody has chosen camps–and these days there are so many. Here are some of the big ones: Mac vs. PC Linux vs. Windows vs. OSX iOS vs. Android Open Source vs. Commercial Software Chrome vs. Firefox Hate Microsoft vs. Love Microsoft Trust Google vs. Fear Google Xbox vs. […]

My Thoughts on the Droid X vs. HTC Evo 4G

Why the Change? Actually, I’m not really changing. My employer pays for us to have Verizon service. I bought a Droid X shortly after it was released and put it on the company plan. I guess the company is trying to decide whether to move to Sprint and so they shipped out demo phones to […]

I’ll Take My Tweeting Warts and All

Gilbert Gottfried was fired today from his contract with Aflac. Why? Because he posted some “offensive” (and let’s face it, not funny) tweets on Twitter about Japan. Setting aside the obvious question which is “what did Aflac expect from Gottfried, who has made a career on a terrible voice and surprisingly unfunny and tasteless jokes. […]

The Top 150 Songs of All Time

So the original goal was to figure out what my favorite songs were. I had read an older Rolling Stones magazine article that was about the 500 greatest songs of all time. I disagreed a bit, but didn’t have my own list. (My disagreement was mostly around how much credit they give to Bob Dylan, […]